Oops … We did Ottspott again !

Oops … We did Ottspott again !

The new Ottspott is here FOR YOU.

It’s been an exciting journey since the beginning but the last 6 months have been special. We’ve talked to our customers, asked them to be brutally honest on what they liked in Ottspott and what they were missing. Long interviews, mocking up, iterating with some of our advocates, has allowed us to work on a redesigned Ottspott. Although Ottspott was initially focused on Slack, some of our customers had to create a team to use our platform. The most popular communication suite they were using is G Suite. So now Ottspott allows both Slack teams and G Suite admins to run a powerful phone platform on top of their communication tools. This is just the beginning of a series of updates, add-ons and new features that we will be adding over the next months. Still a lot to come, in the meantime we hope you enjoy the new Ottspott experience

We’ve updated the entire experience for a more modern look and an more intuitive navigation for teams to work faster and get more productive on the phone.

If you are new to Ottspott, we’ve also added the option of installing Ottspott on top of your Google Suite domain. If you have it already installed on a Slack team, please do not re-install with G Suite without calling our customer service.
We both updated the back office and the desktop app to make them more usable for you and your teams.
In the back office, the most noticeable change is the left hand menu when you are in our back office.

For your first connection you will get a 4 step product tour that will show the most relevant features you need to set up your call flows.

In the « Number Management section », you can now allocate a number either to one of your team members or a department.

The Ottspott Desktop App has been redesigned with a top bar.
You can also choose the skin of the desktop app; you can choose between a light or dark theme according to your taste.

To see a complete list of what’s new, check our Help Center.