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The lightweight business phone system
for teams addicted to slack

Pick a local number and manage your calls from wherever you are - in seconds.

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Ottspott makes communication between your team and your clients easier

You don't need to own a phone set to have a local number anymore. With a simple Slack integration, Ottspott lets you make and receive calls through your browser. It's even better with a team - you can forward your calls to other members in your team and let them deal with it

With Ottspott you can:

  • receive instant notifications when someone is calling.
  • analyze call metrics and measure your team's phone performance.
  • receive voicemail messages so you never miss a call.

and much more.

Set up your business phone system in seconds and take advantage of our features

New features every week

Instant setup

Your team members are set up automatically - no need to bother with invitations & passwords.

No coding skills

Just pick a local number to make and receive calls. No technical skills required.

Set custom hours

Set your team's working hours and let Ottspott act as a voicemail when you're not around.

Identify your callers

See who is calling by integrating your contacts with Google mail. Create contact folders and share them with your team.

Slack notifications

Your team receives instant notifications through a dedicated Slack channel if there is an incoming call, missed call, or new voicemail message.

Label your calls

Attach a label to an incoming call to send a direct notification to any of your team members - let your expert handle it!

Call metrics

Measure your team's phone performance with easy-to-use Ottspott call statistics.

Click to call

To return a call from your browser, launch a call directly from a missed call, outgoing call, or voicemail. No need to dial their phone number.

Call forwarding

Forward incoming calls to your mobile phone or landline when you're not at your desk.

Act global - let your customers call local

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  • 1 local phone number
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Unlimited team members
  • 1 hr of call forwarding or outgoing calls
  • Response time: within 4 hrs
  • All Ottspott features
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  • 1 local phone number
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Unlimited team members
  • 4 hrs of call forwarding or outgoing calls
  • Response time: within 1 hr
  • All Ottspott features
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Now offering 9,000+ local numbers in 40+ countries. Featuring the major tech cities: Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris, London, San Francisco, New York.

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