Phone conversations

Cloud Communications & Call Center for Collaborative teams

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Integrate with the business apps you already use

Make and receive calls

Make and receive calls

Use your #Channel to make and receive calls

Use the Ottspott Slack channel as your phone extension or call center agent interface. No need to go back and forth with another app.

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Identify your callers

Access customer data directly in Slack

Avoid time-consuming app switching and access data directly from Slack contact data. You can create, update or delete contacts with a simple slash command.

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Call monitoring

Get call alerts from your CRM and online chat platforms

You get notified in your Slack channel, about a call that you scheduled in Pipedrive. Ottspott chatbot also lets you know about any contact changes done in Intercom.

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Slack notifications

Get notified in Slack when something happens

Your team can control which notifications or alerts you would like to receive for inbound calls, outbound calls, missed calls and voicemails.

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% under control of in-house API, development and security team



data centers in US/Canada, Europe and Asia/Pacific

Successful team leaders choose Ottspott

Great onboarding, super easy to use. In 3 minutes, you have a local phone number connected to your smartphone and Slack. It just works.
Excellent product! A simple and quick installation and very clean execution! I highly recommend Ottspott for large Slack user teams. Congratulations to the Ottspott team!
Ottspott has allowed us to have local phone numbers on four continents. The thing that we loved from the beginning is the reliability of the API and the global infrastructure behind Ottspott which relies web real-time technologies.
Huge thanks to our friends @ottspott_co in #paris! Great people & an essential app for #startups!