what is ottspott a way to make phone calls through slack

what is ottspott a way to make phone calls through slack

A major pain point felt by businesses across the world is setting up a business phone system. They’re complicated to set up, expensive to manage and require the user to tie themselves in to contracts and hardware.

Despite this, change is in the air as phone systems are quickly becoming an outdated way to communicate.

Many employees don’t have offices now. They might work remotely or in different timezones so they need light systems that will geographically scale quickly to suit where their employees and clients are.

Tools like Slack have allowed this collaborative way of working to become mainstream, paving the way for businesses to get rid of their phone systems all together.

What is Ottspott?

Ottspott embraces this change and allows you to easily to stay close to your clients while still feeding your team’s Slack addiction. With Ottspott, you to make local calls through the browser by using Slack. No complex coding, manual user management, no expensive phone sets: it allows you to work globally but communicate locally.

We’re excited to announce we’re launching the Beta phase of Ottspott in just one week, so here’s a little more about the product and how it could benefit your team.

How it works?

Ottspott integrates with your Slack channel and creates a local phone number that you can use to call your clients, or receive calls from them.

From Paris to New York to Sydney, you can pick a phone number that’s based anywhere in the world and instantly removes the cost of maintaining a local landline.

Ottspott allows any number of team members to join the service. When a call comes in, Slack notifies all your team members and you can forward calls to a dedicated individual or department within your Slack channel.

It also gives you the option to add a voicemail service so you can set your office hours without the worry of missing important calls. For example:

Business A is based in the USA and their new client is a small business in Germany. They use Ottspott to set up a phone number in Berlin where the client is based.

When the client calls that number, Business A’s team are alerted in the Slack channel that they’re using. There’s no need for extra passwords or invitations, Ottspott instantly sets up Business A’s team from their Slack profile.

The team manager messages the project lead to answer the call. She can see the details of who is calling as Business A also integrated Ottspott with their Google Mail, which pulls in information from that project’s contact folder.

At the end of the call, the team manager checks the team’s phone performance through Ottspott’s call statistics, helping to keep on top of their targets.

As a small business, the client feels confident that they can easily contact Business A without any extra costs.

Calls can be cheaper and easier

Making regular international phone calls can become expensive in long-term projects. Register for Ottspott’s Beta to see how the service can reduce these costs while improving your team’s communication internally and externally.

The story behind Ottspott

Ottspott is part of Apidaze, the real-time communication API. Like many international businesses, our clients are scattered across the world, but we needed to speak with them as easily as we would if they were in our city.

Internally, our team uses Slack for its simplicity, allowing conversation to happen easily no matter whether they’re on the go, in the office or at home.

We saw a real opportunity in combining the functionality of Slack with a traditional phone call to make it simpler for teams and their clients to communicate freely. By using the browser to make a call, we’re removing the barriers of needing to go through a mobile provider network or a landline, making it easier and cheaper to speak regularly.

Want to find out more? Visit our booth at Web Summit 2015.