Want to supercharge your sales & support phone conversations ?

Beautifully simple Chrome extension for integrating your CRM apps to your existing phone system. In minutes, without any line of code. Customer recognition for better support and more sales.

Integrate to your current phone system

No need to migrate to a software based phone system. Works with the major phone platforms and Communication APIs.

Integrate to your business apps

Instant one click integration. Manage sales or support teams on different softwares.

Your phone assistant

Identify the customer before answering, get a 360° view before calling, search info on unified interface. Boost call productivity with click to call.

Monitoring des appels

Beautiful dashboards

Measure agent performance, get accurate phone activity metrics and improve your customer service & sales conversion.

Aide en ligne

Make it your own

Using integrations, match contacts, get call logs without manual data entry. Create your own rules, personalize the fields you wish to visualize when calling.

Integrates smartly with