A simple pricing

Plans that scale with your growth and needs

$ 19 24 /month
Ideal for basic & flexible business telephony (2 min - 10 max users)
1 users
  • Full Slack integration (Slack teams only)
  • All Ottspott features except CRM & helpdesk integrations
  • 1 phone number (geographical, national)*
  • Auto-attendant / IVR
  • Chrome app / Call widget
  • Call forwarding
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • E-mail support 24 hours
$ 29 34 /month
Ideal for growing helpdesk and inside sales teams (2 users min)
1 users
Basic features plus:
  • CRM integrations: Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, Nimble
  • Helpdesk integrations: Intercom, Zendesk, Gorgias
  • 1 phone number (including toll free numbers)
  • Call recording for inbound/outbound calls
  • Call widget with integrations
  • Phone, chat and e-mail support 3 hours
Call us for details
Ideal for custom projects, large companies and specific needs
Premium features plus:
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Onboarding session
  • Unlimited outbound calls
  • Custom integrations
  • Service Level Agreement
Detailed PricingBasicPremiumCustom
Maximum number of users10UnlimitedCall us for details
Minimum number of users22Call us for details
Phone number included1
(national & geographical numbers)
(including mobile & toll-free numbers)
Call us for details
Price for additional number / per month in $/€66Call us for details
Number Porting for US/Canada / per number in $/€353535
Number Porting for outside US/Canada / per number in $/€505050
Price for outbound callsCall us for details
Price for inbound callsfree for non
toll free numbers
free for non
toll free numbers
free for non
toll free numbers
Price for SMS (US/Canada & available countries)Call us for details
Phone featuresBasicPremiumCustom
International numbers
Outbound caller ID
Call forwarding
Voicemail transcription (6 languages, Slack team only )
Office opening hours
Call queue
Call recording (inbound and/or outbound)
SIP Settings
Conference Calling (Slack team only)
SMS threads inside Slack (Slack team only)
Block inbound spam calls (Slack team only)
Call labelling
Call tags
Call monitoring
Slack notifications (Slack team only)
Desktop app (Chrome app)
Slack (bot , buttons, slash commands, Slack team only )
Custom integrations
Widget features (Slack team only)BasicPremiumCustom
Answer call inside Slack
Visual Voice Mail in Slack
Call forward to number **
Opening hours
Identify Callers before answering
Online help center
Phone supportLevel 2 support only Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Onboarding session
* some countries might have an extra cost, please ask our customer support
** billed separetly, download our pricing sheet for voice & SMS to know the price of call by destination
*** [email protected]